Ebay is a Magical Place

This story comes via The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe episode #265. I giggled/groaned so much over this story that I had to concentrate on not crashing my car on the commute to work this morning. Thank you SGU for continuously bringing hard-hitting, serious(ly funny) news to the skeptical community.


Every once in a while a story comes along that alters the very fabric of our consciousness and imparts an idea that shifts our entire perception of the universe.

That’s right, I’m talking about BOOTY SPELLS.


Available on ebay starting at the low, low price of $6.99!!! For those with more discriminating tastes, you can spend up to $199.95 for a Voodoo Ultimate Direct Casting Spell.

As Rebecca Watson from SGU points out, the best/most awful part of the selling of booty spells isn’t that someone is selling booty spells. It’s that people are buying them. Lots of people.  And they’re loving them.


I did notice that many users had left 2-3 comments – perhaps from purchasing multiple spells. Oh yeah, you can purchase 1-3 spells or more as needed depending on how complex your case is, i.e., how flat your butt is.

Here’s what some of the positive feedback looks like this:

  • I see and feel difference, this has to be working, hope it continues. Good job
  • Thank you! Awaiting for my wishes to come true.
  • Thank you every much for your Spell I know your spell will work every soon
  • Looking forward to seeing results!!
  • Very fast service. Preliminary results are encouraging, time will tell. Thanks
  • Something is happening. Thank you very much! A+++++
  • hope is working, thank you
  • Great transaction; fast shipment. Beautiful product- can’t wait to see results!
  • Quick cast, great customer service, I do feel better than last week, will update

And then there was this comment – WTF?

  • I haven’t been home much but my pet seems mentally healthy, thanx =)

But, if you’re a good skeptic and thinking “Hey, those are just anecdotes – and not very convincing anecdotes – and that last one just doesn’t make any sense.”, well…did I mention that all spells come with Free Shipping?



3 Responses to “Ebay is a Magical Place”

  1. Agatha82 Says:

    That sure is bizarre but amusing. I would not mess with magic, whether I believe in it or not…yikes

  2. Erin Says:

    egads… people are so damn stupid it hurts my soul

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