Go Vote, Minnesota!

I arrived about 30 minutes later than I like to arrive to work today.  But I received a pretty red sticker that says “I Voted” for my efforts, so that’s all good.

American primary elections – they don’t really matter, right?  As long as you vote in the “real elections” on November 2nd you’ve done your patriotic duty, right?

Insert loud, annoying, internationally-recognized buzzer sound for “YOU’RE WRONG!” here.

It’s easy to understand why people miss the primary elections – all the states hold them on different days and even different months so it can be hard to keep track of when you’re supposed to show up to vote.  Also, one must choose between the different candidates running in your political party, not just the one pair or person running for your party against the “other guy”. 

Wikipedia defines a primary election as “…an election in which voters in a jurisdiction select candidates for a subsequent election. Primary elections are one means by which a political party nominates candidates for the following general election.” 

There are different types of primaries, and it actually does take a little involvement and self-education to contribute effectively when casting one’s votes (as should be the case in all instances of vote-casting).  But there are some pretty important choices on the line today in Minnesota, especially if you plan on voting for a DFL govenor in November.  Do you have a preference between Matt Entenza, Mark Dayton, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, and Peter Idusogie?  Better get to the polls, today.

 Tom Emmer pretty much has the Republican nomination buttoned up, but you may be one of Ole Savior’s perennial supporters and want to make that known.  Or, go vote for your Independence party rep.

What offices are on the ballot?
*US Representative
*Governor and Lt. Governor
*Secretary of State
*Attorney General
*Various local offices (like school board directors in Minneapolis) may be on your jurisdiction’s  ballot.

See…BIG stuff!

Here’s one reason I’m voting today:  Barb Davis White

This woman does NOT support my interests, or those of the people I love and care for.  Barb Davis White is a Tea Party Supporter, an anti-GLBT proponent, and an avowed conservative.  That she is running on the DFL platform is horrifying to me.  This is a direct quote from her website:

As a straightforward, no-nonsense conservative that believes in limited government and the U.S. Constitution, Barb Davis White is working hard to unseat the left-wing liberals currently violating the conservative Minnesotan’s and American’s way of life.

Barb Davis White is running against Keith Ellison, the incumbent 5th District US Representative.  Mr. Ellison has a *slightly* different perspective from BDW.  From his website:

Representative Ellison’s philosophy is one of “generosity and inclusiveness.” His roots as a community activist and his message of inclusivity through democratic participation resonates throughout the Fifth District. His priorities in Congress are: promoting peace, prosperity for working families, environmental sustainability, and civil and human rights.

Can we say, no contest????  Oh, but wait…IT IS! 

So get out and vote, because these two people are going to conduct business in Washington in two very different ways.  Whichever one you agree with more, get to your polling place and cast your vote!


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