That’s a really nerdy way to say jet lag.

Which I think I may be undergoing.

I’m very tired and a little out of it today.  I was definitely tired and sleep-deprived when we flew from Minneapolis to Rome (because I didn’t sleep like I was supposed to on the overnight flight), but I didn’t feel like I did today after the reverse flight back to Minneapolis.

We left Amsterdam yesterday at 3pm local time, flew about eight hours and arrived at 4:30pm Central US time.  I love traveling back in time!  I figured I’d be fine…just don’t sleep on the plane, go to bed at a reasonable time in Minneapolis, sleep for eight hours and then back on my feet and back to work.  I even get an extra 6.5 hours of day; how often does one get a 32.5 hour day?  That’s awesome!

But instead I woke up at 4am local time today, went to work and crashed at about noon.  Wikipedia says I needed to get more sunlight yesterday and today to combat the jet lag, but I work in an office so that wasn’t really happening.  I did ride the motorcycle today, but I went into work at 6am, so there wasn’t any sun yet.

I have five blog posts in draft – very free-form, stream of consciousness notes about the last days of the Great Italian Adventure.  I also have tons of video footage to edit and put together from the trip.  But I’m zapped…that will all have to wait until tomorrow.  For now, let me thank you for visiting even over these past few days of my personal internet blackout.

While I adjust to this period of technical difficulty, I invite you to enjoy the most recent version of Mr. Deity:


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5 Responses to “Desynchronosis”

  1. Casey Lybrand Says:

    Hi, I came over from Here Be Dragons. I loved looking at your posts from Italy. Hope your desynchronosis lets up soon! (I also love learning new nerdy words that spellcheck can’t manage.)

    Oh, and Mr. Deity: I’d heard of Mr. Deity, but never watched before. I can’t make up my mind whether I enjoyed more the bit about turning off his all-knowingness or finding out Mr. Deity’s favorite type of sweater, but that was hilarious.

  2. Agatha82 Says:

    Ah yes, I’ve had exactly your problem when I travel. It’s fine heading to the destination but you really hits you on your return, especially in the afternoons and you wake up like at 4 am! It passes in a few days. Just imagine, you’ve travelled forward and backward in time…how cool is that 🙂

    I’ve never seen Mr. Deity but that was really funny. “You’ve turned off your all-knowingness”

    Hope you get back to “normal” time soon! Looking forward to your future blogs as well.

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