Perugia: Monday

On Monday Mom, the Hubby and I took the Perugia City Tour.  We rode around in a very red bus with headphones on our ears and were allowed to be as touristy as we wanted. 

The bus took us to all five of the major neighborhoods of Perugia, and it was neat to see that we had already visited most of the sites and paths on foot.  I took a lot of video for the tour, and I hope to edit the footage together when I’m back home and have time (and iMovie) to do so. 

After the tour we went to our favorite bar, La Terrezza.  The bar overlooks the old city, the Perugian countryside, and on clear days it’s possible to see all the way over to Assisi.

After hanging out at the bar for a while, the Hubby  and I decided to follow the final city itinerary through the western neighborhood of Perugia.  We found a little inner-city park, another set of scala mobile (outdoor public escalators), a larger park nestled into the hillside near the MiniMetro terminal Pincetto and of course, more beautiful old architecture.



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One Response to “Perugia: Monday”

  1. Agatha82 Says:

    Ah lovely, great travelling blogs you’ve done lately, makes me feel like I’ve been there 🙂

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