Perugia: POST Museum

On Saturday afternoon the Hubby and I went wandering around the streets near the apartments.  We were over on Via Pinturicchio when we saw these signs that said “POST” and “Scienza” and an unmistakeable symbol for museum…




A science museum in Perugia??? 

How lucky can a biodork get?

This was so fabulous that I decided to capture our visit on video.  Okay, really it was more like I just recently remembered that “Hey, there’s a video recorder on this camera!” but this seemed like a fun time and place to get some video.

Warning – these videos are all unscripted, spur of the minute, unedited recordings. I may say stupid, dorky, ignorant or just plain incorrect things in the following raw footage. Feel free to correct me if you notice mistakes, but I implore you to not be a dick about it.

Video 1: Introduction to Post.  In which I pronounce my geekiness from the hilltop.  Literally.

Video 2: Phone Exhibit.  In which I drag the Hubby into my geekiness.

Video 3: Main Hall. In which I display my embarrassingly rudimentary grasp of physics and calculus. It’s a damned parabola, okay? A parabola. Everyone say it with me…pah-rab-o-lah.

Video 4: Toilet Exhibit.  In which…okay, I got nothing.  It’s a toilet.  But it’s coooool.

See, wasn’t that awesome?  I loved that we had the whole place to ourselves, but it was a little sad that no one else was visiting the museum.  It was a children’s museum and very small – kind of one of those things you do once as a local, maybe.  Now I want to find out if there’s a big kid science museum in this city!


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3 Responses to “Perugia: POST Museum”

  1. Madleine Says:

    The Alimentarium in Switzerland was like that for me. I saw the signs, I went in, and it changed my life (it’s part of why I became a food scientist!)

  2. Erin B. Says:

    Fantastic… So glad you enjoyed a science museum even in a completely foreign language! It looks like a blast!

  3. Agatha82 Says:

    Aw, I loved those videos and yeah, you’ll find those toilets everywhere in Europe, er. I mean the ones with the tank suspended above ground, not cool see-throughy ones. Sad that it’s a kid’s museum and it was empty though 😦

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