Due giorni fino a Italia!

Last night was a crazy game of pinball through Minneapolis and the south metro as we shopped for last minute trip items.  You’re welcome for our support of the economy yesterday.

Park Nicollet Clinic – Pick up new contacts, allergy meds.

Opitz Clothing Outlet – I have passed by this St. Louis Park store many times.  They always have “Everything under $10” racks out front and I thought maybe I could get some cheap digs for Italy.  This store was a nightmare.   The clearance racks out front were picked over, and the sales stopped when I walked in the door.  Inside was crowded with noisy people and rows of clothing racks that had been placed too close together.  I felt like I was in a second-hand store, but everything was EXPENSIVE!  $40 for a pair of jeans?  $60 for that blouse???  Seriously, it was like an overpriced Salvation Army – lousy selection for outrageous prices. 

Apple Store – I want a USB power converter so I can charge my iPod without a computer in Italy.  Ain’t paying $30 for it though.  Forget that. 

Wells Fargo – Authorize credit cards for spending in Europe, find out about international card usage fees (3% for POS and $5 to take money out from an ATM!!!! – We’re considering our alternatives). 

Walgreen’s – Look for a “good” neck pillow for the 10-hour plane ride for the Hubby.  No luck.

First Tech – (non-Mac Mac store) Look at other options for iPod charger.  They had a cruddy-looking off-market charger for $20, but we couldn’t find voltage/watt/amp capabilities on the cord so we decided not to get it. 

AAA – Found the Hubby’s neck pillow, silk under-clothes wallets, electrical outlet adapters for continental Europe.

REI – Look for classy walking sandals.  We found nothing that we liked under $70…boo!

Best Buy – Last chance look for a USB power converter.  No dice.  The cheapest one we found was $25.  We’ll charge up at internet cafes if we have to.

Famous Footwear – Look for classy walking sandals.  We found nothing…booo!

Herbergers – Still no classy walking sandals that were cute, comfortable and affordable…booo!  But, the Hubby did find a couple of very lightweight button-up shirts for the trip.

Target – No cute dresses for me…boo!!!  Hubby found another shirt and a pair of super light “golf” pants. 

Taco Bell for a disappointingly late “dinner” – blech. 

The evening ended with a solemn vow to never go shopping again and us collapsing from exhaustion.



3 Responses to “Due giorni fino a Italia!”

  1. Agatha82 Says:

    Poor you. I hate shopping and hate it even more when I HAVE to do it for a reason (like you, for a trip) – Don’t worry too much, I’m sure you’ll be fine in Italy. Thing is, you will stick out, we all do when we go abroad, some more than others (the English do NOT blend AT ALL lol)

    Hmmm….I used to love the Soft Beef Tacos in Taco Bell…but that was years ago when I lived in Florida.

  2. Erin B. Says:

    Doesn’t sound like you helped the economy out at all. Boo indeed! Sorry, sis…. you should just come to Seattle/B’ham instead anyway, the Canadians won’t make fun of you for looking American and we have no converter issues.

    • biodork Says:

      hahaha – I just reread this blog post and it sounds so sad, lol! I was actually very impressed by all of the places we managed to hit during the six-hour whirlwind! We did end up dropping some $$$ at the places where we did find things. We’ll do another (smaller) round of shopping on Saturday evening to find me some sundresses, and then no more boos, only yays!

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