I love cheerleading.

Fess’ up – you’ve seen Bring It On – probably more than once!  But it’s nothing to be ashamed of!  I mean, how can you not love cheerleading?  Sure, there may be bitter infighting, people sustain horrible injuries in the sport, and every now and then some psycho cheerleader mom will try to murder your competition, but as an outsider is there any way to not love watching cheerleaders in action, at competitions, with all that energy, physical agility and excitement?

Especially when the team in question has a kick-ass all-male cheerleader roster!



One Response to “I love cheerleading.”

  1. jana Says:

    Wow – my vision of a male cheerleader as a petite, effeminate creature was shattered to pieces when I saw a couple of well-built boys, shaking it like there was no tomorrow. HAD to love it (and replay it).

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