My crazy morning

I lost my wallet yesterday.  I couldn’t find it last night.

This morning I woke up at 3am so that I could pull a 4:30am – 1pm shift.  I normally work about 8am-5pm, but I have to be in Stillwater this afternoon at 3pm for my last day of scuba lessons. 

At 4am I called the last place where I used my wallet, which was Cub Foods in Stillwater.  A nice lady (especially nice for 4am) actually answered, but she told me I’d have to check back in with lost-and-found at 8am.

I left home at 4:05am and started driving to work.  About a mile away from home I realized that I needed to turn around to pack a lunch since any lunch money I had would be in my lost wallet.  I also snagged a roll of laundry quarters to pay for the $5.50 parking lot fee that I would need at the scuba lesson place.

I arrived at work at 4:45am and realized that my access badge was in my wallet.  I sat in my car and played on my iPod and smartphone from 4:45am to 6am.  At 6:00 my first coworker arrived and let me into the building.

At 8am I called Cub Foods – they have my wallet!  Woo-hoo!

I’m going to get some breakfast to celebrate. 

Enjoy some XKCD.  This comic is like my morning – it’s the complicated way to get where you’re going.



Wallet photo source

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4 Responses to “My crazy morning”

  1. Paula Says:

    That you got your wallet back is amazing. You did not inherit my “can’t loose my wallet permanently” gene. Glad for you sweetie. Also – caught up with your previous posts and it never ceases to please me at just how good a writer you are. Love you.

  2. Agatha82 Says:

    Happy that you got your wallet back. I’ve been fortunate to have had mine returned as well. It’s a nice feeling to know there are honest people out there.

  3. jana Says:

    Isn’t is something how many vital items your wallet contains? I’m so glad you don’t have to go through the nightmare of having it all replaced.

    Last time Jordan and I visited his parents, we took a little detour to see the new road. Right there, in the middle of a country road, we noticed what to me looked like shards of a plate but what Jordan identified as money. We turned around, stopped, and indeed, it was cash, some receipts and cards all over the road. I started frantically collecting everything, worried a car would run me over. When I was back in the seat, I counted 127 dollars in my lap! I admit, I thought for a second about keeping it.

    Thankfully, there was also a driver’s licence – and the owner lived right around the corner from Jordan’s parents. So we drove over there, only to scare his wife to death when we, the two strangers, knocked on her door and asked if she knew “Bobby.” She was so shocked when we gave her the wallet with everything neatly tucked inside that she just closed the door in front of our faces. I am not kidding.

    I was a little offended as we were walking back to the car, wondering why she did it. As soon as Jordan turned the key in the ignition, we saw her run out of her house towards the car, barefoot. She apologized like a hundred times, saying she never had anything returned to her and that she suspected the wallet would be empty. She offered us twenty dollars – and that’s when WE didn’t know what to do 🙂

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