Time is way too one-directional.

This was my To Do List last night.

Make dinner.

I made this – Fancy Hot Dog Stroganoff from simplyrecipes.com.  I substituted quinoa for the egg noodles and added spinach.  This picture is from that site – My dinner was so yummy that it was all gone before I remembered that I wanted to snap a photo.

Change the litter box.


Research wireless routers and make a decision on which one to purchase.

Ah, technology.  How I take you for granted until you break.

Transplant my tomato plant, and also the parsley and chives.   Plant new lettuce and spinach seeds to replace the ones that drowned in last week’s summer deluge.

Done!  I can’t believe how much the tomato plant exploded!  This is my tomato plant on April 17th:

Practice my Italian.

Aprenda a hablar italiano.  Verb book, flashcards, iPod Italian language apps, Easy Italian workbook.  Crappy, blurry photo.

Update the biodork blog with Sunday’s Pride Parade post.

See this big empty rectangle?  That’s my Pride Parade post – no Pride pictures for you!   You get this post with me whining about how busy I was last night instead.  But I’ll have Pride pics on Thursday.

Start rereading Terry Pratchett’s The Color of Magic and be done in time for CONvergence on Thursday.  Come up with some costume-ish thing for Saturday night at CON.

240 pages – no problem!

Plan rail transport from Rome to Perugia for 7/19, book my scuba dive in Sorrento, go to the bank and let them know that I’m going to be using my credit card overseas so they don’t shut down my account while I’m in Italy, figure out where/when to exchange USD for Euros, figure out how to pack enough clothing for two weeks (allowing for trips to la lavanderia) in my tiny little backpack, and…and…

Okay, that last one was really all about making the list, rather than accomplishing everything on the list.


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6 Responses to “Time is way too one-directional.”

  1. Agatha82 Says:

    Hot dog stroganoff sounds really good actually! How lucky you are to at least have a little space where you can grow some veggies, even if it’s in pots, better than nothing. Well done 🙂

    • biodork Says:

      Thanks – I enjoy my little garden. I absolutely must get packed dirt under my nails a couple of times per year – it’s my youth serum 🙂

  2. jana Says:

    The tomato plant is huge! And I can already see enough berries for a decent salad. Maybe three. Don’t let squirrels get to them first.
    By the way, I bow before the ultimate list-making approach (re: my eraser mishap).

  3. Erin B. Says:

    Really?!? Hot dog stroganoff? hmmm, sounds suspect. But also, Really? (a la SNL) you’ve never read Terry Pratchett? What kind of nerd are you? I’m hoping its just Color Of Magic you’re missing and not the entire Discworld Universe, cause others Nerd Card is being taken away.

    • biodork Says:

      I’ve read Terry Pratchett (Good Omens with Gaimen is one of my favorite books ever!), but I haven’t yet read the Discworld series, That’s okay though because I haven’t stopped reading – it’s just on the list of “one of these days”. I started reading the Xanth series in 1989 and I’ve read all 33 books to date (and I’ve already pre-ordered #34 Knot Gneiss), so I really don’t think my Nerd Card is in any danger, today.

  4. Rigoberto Seate Says:

    No Experience Necessary

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