Walker Sculpture Garden

Ashley and I went to the Walker Sculpture Garden last night.  I love the WSG because:

1) It’s awesome.  It has HUGE works of sculpture art, including a greenhouse and a “hidden” work on the same side of the street as the Walker building.

2) It’s always free!

3) It’s soooo Minneapolis.  Actually – look at my banner and the big cherry on a spoon is what you see – that’s the WSG!

4) It’s a great place to take fantabulous pictures:

View from the floor of the greenhouse.  I think the wires will be overgrown with vining flowers pretty soon now.

Ashley sitting in the main atrium of the greenhouse.

The ubiquitous forced perspective shot – Ashley “holding” the cherry.

Cherry, spoon, rainbow, Ashley.

Cherry on a Spoon, bridge view.

Tunnel canopy at the far end of the sculpture garden.   The canopy will also be covered in vining flowers this summer.

Ashley in the mist by the Cherry.

Mirror Walls provide neat special effects in photos.

Ashley in the tunnel of the “hidden” work over by the Walker main building.


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