w00tstock v2.3 Minneapolis 2010


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I swear, I had a grin on my face from 7pm when I found my nerd friends in the Guthrie lobby, until 12:15am when the w00tstock performers took their final bows and all of us nerds spilled out into the quiet Monday night downtown Minneapolis street – all of us complaining about having to go to work in 6 hours or so, all of us agreeing we would have stayed for another 6 hours of w00tstock if they would let us. 

This was w00tstock version 2.3, otherwise known as the Minneapolis 2010 w00tstock show.  The show claims to be three hours (or more).  Wil Wheaton started the intros at about 7:30pm, and final bows happened at about 12:15am (after a 19-minute-or-so rendition of the The Captain’s Wife’s Lament).  Allowing for a 15-minute intermission,  that’s a four-and-a-half hour show!

I guess w00tstock could be described as a nerd/geek variety show.  There were musical performances by Paul and Storm, Molly Lewis, Trace Beaulieu and Bill Corbett from MST3K), video interludes, and Wil Wheaton did a reading from his new book The Happiest Days of Our LivesThere was stand-up comedy from Tim Bedore and from John Scalzi, a physics lecture (with the maths and everything!) from James Kakalios, and some nerd proposed to his fiance in front of the entire audience.

This is one of the better quality videos that I have found on youtube from the performance.  This is Adam Savage performing I Will  Survive in the voice of Gollum.  While he was on stage, Adam – like a true nerd – had a random nosebleed, and since I guess he felt like he was in good company, he just shoved a tissue up his nostril and kept going.  That’s nerd pride!

These are some of my pics from far, far away.  The quality ain’t great (read: pretty darn not great in some cases), but they’re what I got.


Lord of the Rings Photoshop (Adam Savage, Storm, Paul, Wil Wheaton), Physics Professor James Kakalios with his Trivial Pursuit card and Paul, Trace Beaulieu, Bill Corbett and Storm singing together.

The whole gang together to sing a New National Anthem, Adam Savage on stage, and Neil Gaimen makes a suprise visit to deliver a single pirate “Arg” for the Captain’s Wife’s Lament.

This is a fairly decent video of Molly Lewis recorded in the day prior in Chicago (w00tstock v2.2 on Sunday 6/6/10).  The image isn’t great, but the audio is pretty smooth.  Molly is singing an awesome song called “An Open Letter to Stephen Fry”.  I never want to have children, but she makes some pretty persuasive arguments for child-bearing as a service to the greater good. 

It was a fabulous show, and I hope to be able to go again when 3.0 is released.  This is a version upgrade I will always buy!

All photos are released in accordance with Creative Commons and are available for anyone to use provided they abide by CC.  Photos were taken and uploaded to this blog by biodork.  Some photos have been cropped to improve photo quality, but images remain otherwise unaltered.


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2 Responses to “w00tstock v2.3 Minneapolis 2010”

  1. Paula Says:

    I love the Steven Fry Song! LOL. Sounds like my biodork daughter had a blast!

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