Friday Night Lights – in the Laundromat

Ugh, I must be turning into an adult.  Who plans to do laundry on a Friday night?  psst….It’s me!  I’ll be sorting the smelly laundry and doing washer-dryer-folding table rotations.  All.  Night.  Long.  Ohhhh yeah…


= steamy hot Friday laundry night.

As an aside: Does anyone else LOVE the smell of the laundry detergent aisle?  I love me some meadow fresh-baby powder-arctic breeze combinations as I walk by all of the different brands in the grocery store.  You call them All, Cheer, Arm-and-Hammer, Tide, Seventh Generation, Clorox, Surf, but I call them heaven.  Usually dryer sheets have the most potent smells, but I am seeing a disturbing rise in the number of “no-scent” detergents and softeners on the shelves in recent months.  What is this world coming to when a man can’t hold his head high and say “That’s right, I’m rockin’ the Lilac Whisper today.”  I bet Barry’s man enough to own the Ocean Mist.  That’s right. 

Barry White photo source.
Laundry photo



6 Responses to “Friday Night Lights – in the Laundromat”

  1. jana Says:

    it’s ok to be more turned on by fabric softener than a night of bar-hopping. i share your passion. my husband long ago learned that if softener is on my shopping list, he’ll have enough time to go have the car washed, and satisfy his taco craving by the time i make it to the end of the aisle.

  2. brownpaperbaggirl Says:

    There is just something about laundry soup, especially the smell of clean clothes and linens.

  3. leogirl1975 Says:

    I LOVE the smell of fabric softener! It’s Downy is one of my all time favorite smells in the whole world. The April Fresh scent. 🙂

  4. Erin B. Says:

    I have to disagree here… I am the happiest person now that the scent-free and allergen-free detergents are on the rise. And ew to Barry White.. I bet he smells all musky.

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