Meet Dr. Hawa Abdi

The Daily Beast via Skepchick:

Terrorists Kidnapp a Hero: Militants are holding the Mother Teresa of Somalia hostage, and as a result, dozens of children have already died. Eliza Griswold talks to Dr. Hawa Abdi from the home where she is being held captive.

This story has it all – subjugation of women, religious extremism, needless deaths of innocents, and one bad-ass female doctor.  For pete’s sake!  If you need your daily dose of indignation, I highly recommend this article.

Dr. Abdi is awesome: She’s a 60 year-old Somali gynecologist who built up a one-room clinic into a 400-bed hospital, she shelters refugees on the hospital grounds, and she gives everything she has to feeding the hungry and to obtain staff and medicine from international aid groups.  And now she’s back-sassing the militant extremists who are holding her and her staff under house arrest.


photo source

Somalia Online has more information on Dr. Hawa Abdi and her accomplishments in Somalia.


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