And it’s Minnesota for the win!

Dang it, and my sister’s state of Arizona was soooo in the lead for embarrassing the nation. 

This piece is from last week, and it doesn’t appear to be getting a lot of press, so I guess that’s good.  I mean who wants to be remembered for saying this:

“And father, we repent that we have not used godly wisdom when we have elected officials into elected positions in our state and nation, father, and that it has opened the door, that Minnesota holds the responsibility for placing the first Muslim in Congress, and, for that God, we repent.”

For those of you not familiar, the female Dinkus from Minnesota is refering to Keith Ellison, the DFL-MN congressman from my district. seems to be the primary reporting source for this story.  Again, good, I guess.  But maybe a little more publicity would be nice…just enough so that the female Dinkus who said this can be identified and embarrassed so she is never taken seriously in the future.  According to the article the woman has not been identified to date.  The Muslim Public Affairs Council rebuked the speech, calling it appalling.


To balance out the Dinkusness coming from MN, I found out (via Minnesota Independent, again) about a group called Marry Me Minnesota, which is helping three couples from MN challenge the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.  From the Marry Me Minnesota website:

Today, May 11, 2010, three Minnesota same-sex couples are filing suit in Hennepin County District Court, charging the State of Minnesota with violating the couples’ constitutional right to marry.  The five charges brought by the group include violations of the plaintiffs’ right to due process, equal protection of the laws, freedom of conscience, freedom of association and a charge that the State’s 1997 DOMA law, which prohibits the state from recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, was passed in violation of the “single subject” rule of the Minnesota Constitution and should be thrown out.  A child of one of the couples is also a named plaintiff in the case.

Good luck, all!

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2 Responses to “And it’s Minnesota for the win!”

  1. Erin B. Says:

    gah, don’t i know it. This time Brewer signed a law that rescinds funding from schools who don’t do away with their ethnic studies classes. WTF? Seriously this state, who knows whats going on here? Hopefully it won’t be home for to long….

  2. Hubby Says:

    It is well that there are 50 different States in the Union. That way every American can move to the State that most closely represents their belief system and life style. The progressive people can live in the progressive States, and the regressive people can live in the regressive States.

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