Way to screw it up for everyone else.

Is your child a pain in the ass?  Every once in a blue moon does that scary, quiet little voice way down deep inside just wish you could send the little brat packing?  Well, that’s exactly what a woman from Tennessee decided to do.  Torry Ann Hansen found that her darling adopted child from Russia was more than she bargained for, so she flew with him to Washington, then put him on a plane back to Russia with a magic markers, candy and a typewritten note saying “After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child.”.

She put her adopted seven-year old son…

on a plane…alone…

to Russia.

Hansen told reporters that the boy was violent and abusive and threatened to burn down their house, so I guess she felt justified in sending a SEVEN YEAR OLD to a foreign country by his lonesome with a few markers and a note.  She is soooo not a candidate for the Mom of the Year award.  I sincerely hope that a child endangerment investigation is conducted by US officials against this woman.  Again, this big badass child is SEVEN years old, and while I’ve seen the previews for the evil Satan-children movies that come in and out of fashion…oh…right, that’s Hollywood.  No child is so bad that you send him away with a note that says “Return to Sender”.  It’s got to be illegal in one of the two countries involved…come on!

And now Russia, who has not been pleased with the outcomes of American adoption of Russian children (14 Russian children adopted by Americans have died of abuse since 1996 – WTF, mate?!), has decided that this is the last straw: they are proposing to suspend American adoption of Russian children until stricter adoption standards can be arranged by the two countries.


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2 Responses to “Way to screw it up for everyone else.”

  1. paula Says:

    My thoughts on the case:

    1) there are children so hideously abused/damaged/insert your favorite psychological phrase here, that they are not manageable and/or a threat to the rest of the family (dead puppies and kitties come easily to mind).

    2) I understand her pain, but there were/are other avenues, none of which she evidently explored. From the news reports, the sheriff of the county is investigating.

    3) I doubt that Sandra Bullock will be making this story into a movie.

    4) Never once did I want to return either of my precious/pain in the ass daughters.
    a) Not even when my highly intelligent first born couldn’t figure out that night was for sleeping and daytime was for playing for six FREAKING weeks; or,
    b) When I had to file an environmental impact statement the WEEKEND I cleaned out my youngest child’s bedroom, removing three LEAF AND LAWN sized bags of garbage and finding four loads of laundry squirreled away in the most clever hiding spots.

  2. Erin B. Says:

    the second says: get over it and bite me (that was over 15 years ago)

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