Rockin’ with Roy Zimmerman

The Hubby and I were wondering what to do on Friday night.  We thought about going to see How to Train Your Dragon at the MN Zoo IMAX because 1) It was playing at an IMAX in 3D, so…duh, and 2) It has garnered an amazing 98% at Rotten Tomatoes and whodathunk that?

But then I read on Pharyngula about Roy Zimmerman playing – of all freaking places – Cannon Falls High School Auditorium.  Cannon Falls is a little town between Rochester and St. Paul, MN.  It has a population of about 4000 people, and is a typical Minnesota town in that it consists mostly of churches, liquor stores and banks.  You can read about all of the cool places Roy Zimmerman has played, and all of the cool people he’s played alongside at his cool website.  And then you’ll see that Roy Zimmerman playing…Cannon Falls…was just too good to miss.

Roy Zimmerman is a political satirist – his tagline is “Funny Songs about Ignorance, War and Greed.  He’s a big ol’ liberal, hippy, socialist.  Based on his songs that we heard on Friday, I’d say his songs fall in three categories:

*Songs that make fun of Right Wing Politics and the Religious Right
*Songs that make fun of Liberals
*Songs that remind us that we are all one and stuck on this planet together, so let’s play nice, dammit.

You can find a LOT of Roy Zimmerman songs on YouTube (or on his CDs for sale on his website).  Here are two of my favorites:

It was a very intimate show – there were only about 100 people in the entire audience.  We unexpectedly ran into a couple of friends from the Twin Cities, and the four of us sat together in the second row.  PZ Myers showed up and was asked to draw the winning raffle ticket.  We went to the after-show get-together at the Mill Street Cafe and had the chance to meet some very cool freethinkers, including PZ Myers and some awesome people from the Waseca, WI FreeThinkers group.  Very cool, very unexpected evening.  Cannon Falls – who knew?


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2 Responses to “Rockin’ with Roy Zimmerman”

  1. givesgoodemail Says:

    I missed the show. The Fiance has been sick for 10 days (as has most of her boys The Four Horsemen), so no one was much up for an evening of satire.

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