Work-1, Blog-0

Work has been crazy busy at one of the jobs and I haven’t had any time to blog in the last two day!  My list of things to blog about keeps growing, and then shrinking as items become irrelevant or outdated (my how things move in the blogosphere!).

So much to learn about and share, so little time!

Okay, couple of observations:

Minnesotans love to wash their cars in the winter time.  I think it’s our way of giving winter the finger this time of year.  “Oh yeah – you’re gonna snow again?  Well screw you!  You can’t keep my car dirty you bastard!  I’ll just keep washing it!  Bring it on!”  So anyway, when I went to the car wash last weekend, I had to wait in line for 25 minutes!  I wanted to leave after five, but this particular car wash made the wise business decision to build narrow lanes with high curbs, so once you’re in and someone else has joined the line behind you, you’re stuck. 

The snow piles are shrinking at a delightful rate.  It’s been sunny and warm (relatively) for the past couple of days.  Today I even got a glimpse of brown, dead, flooded grass!  It’s the first grass I’ve seen in months!

GAMC really needed to pass, and I think that Pahw-lenty is a real jerk for letting his fellow human beings suffer to acheive his political goals.

I saw this picture of Michele Bachmann today, and it bummed me out for a good three minutes because she looks all professional and like she’s about to try to take away someone’s civil rights.


But then I saw through her glamour to her true being, and everything was alright again.


“Michele Bachmann pretending to represent human beings” picture is from here.   Michelle Ba-tshitcrazy picture is from here.


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