Whistleblower Justice – Win!

I blogged earlier about the prosecution of Nurse Anne Mitchell in the Winkler Whistleblower case.  To review, Nurse Mitchell was fired from her job and brought up on charges of “improper use of information” when it was discovered that she reported a doctor, Dr. Rolando Arafiles, for engaging in questionable medical practices and hawking his own company’s alternative medicines at Winkler County Memorial Hospital.  It was a breathtaking display of retaliation.

Hubby just forwarded me a link to an article from the NYTimes (from February 11th – bad biodork, not following up on my own stories) – Nurse Mitchell was acquitted after only four days of testimony and 1 HOUR of deliberation by the jury.  She was found innocent of harassment.  As the NYTimes article stated “The jury foreman said the panel of six men and six women voted unanimously on the first ballot, and questioned why Mrs. Mitchell had ever been arrested.”

Now Nurse Mitchell and Nurse Galle (who was originally brought up on charges along with Nurse Mitchell, which were later dropped at the prosecution’s discretion) can turn around and get to work on their civil lawsuit* gainst the county, hospital, sheriff, doctor and prosecutor, which accuses all of those parties of vindictive prosecution and denial of  First Amendment rights.

Good luck, ladies.

*The link to the civil lawsuit was found at abcnews.go.com



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