I’m going to see “Creation”!

I am so thrilled to be seeing Creation tonight.  Darwin, Evolution, Paul Bettaney, Jennifer Connelly – hooray!  Oooo…the previews look great.  I think I’m going to need kleenex for this one; what little I head of the musical score was haunting and giving me that tight chest, breathless feeling.  I’m a big crybaby sucker when it comes to dramas, though.

I heard Richard Dawkins giving his thoughts about Creation on Freethought Radio podcast (2/6/10), and was interested to hear him disagree with what appears to some of the main elements of the movie – namely, the degree of tension between Darwin and his wife, Emma, and the portrayal of Thomas Huxley.  Others reviewers have questioned the reality of the over-the-top anguish and inner turmoil about the existence of god that has been written into the Darwin character, as Darwin was raised in a manner that allowed allowed him to critically analyze religion.

Creation is based on Randal Keynes’ book, Darwin, His Daughter and Human Evolution, which tells the story of the years Darwin spent writing On the Origin of Species.  There’s another trip to the bookstore!  I also want to pick up Charles and Emma: The Darwin’s Leap of Faith, and maybe reread Michael Keller’s On The Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation  *sigh*  I should just have my paychecks delivered to Barnes and Noble and save myself some effort.


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One Response to “I’m going to see “Creation”!”

  1. Hubby Says:

    Early in the film, the Thomas Huxley character attempted to convince Charles Darwin to write his book. Darwin was very hesitant and explained that the book could disrupt religion and therefore the social order. Huxley argued that it is natural for ideas to become extinct when they stop being relevant. This argument parallels how species become extinct when they stop adapting in a changing environment. I think religion is an idea that will stop being relevant in a changing environment. Ideas simply evolve from superstition to polytheism to monotheism to Darwinism to something else.

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