The responses to iPad are brutal!

Man, people are tearing the iPad apart!  Aside from the numerous sanitary napkin jokes (I’m not putting a specific link – just google “iPad jokes” if you’ve got a free hour or so), many of the iPad’s potential users are having fairly lukewarm reactions to Apple’s newest release. 

A lot of people are saying “it’s a cross between an iPhone and a laptop”.  One commenter said  “it fills the gap between a phone and a laptop”, to which Martin’s blog has this to say:

“What gap? This is not a gap I have ever experienced in my working or social life before. You can’t just make up a gap and then invent a product to fill it. That’s like saying there’s a gap between a fridge and an oven, and trying to sell a kitchen unit that keeps all your food lukewarm to fill it. Or saying there’s a gap between cars and bikes, so lets make a car you can pedal. Who the hell wants a car that you can pedal? Who the hell wants an iPad?”

hehehe…he’s right.  But if someone gave me a car I could pedal for free, I’d take it.  I’d take an iPad for free, too.


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2 Responses to “The responses to iPad are brutal!”

  1. Hubby Says:

    Some people are too negative. Yes, it is basically a large iPhone…but that’s still awesome! It’s true that I don’t have a gap in my life because I only have a cell phone and computer. However, there was a gap in Apple’s product line – they didn’t have a product that directly competed with netbooks and e-book devices. For people who have a gap in their life that may have been filled by a netbook or e-book device, they now have another very cool option.

  2. biodork Says:

    Ooooo….nice response. Although they can’t market it as an e-reader because all of the competing devices are $200-500 cheaper.

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