I find a new widget.

An alternate title for this post is “Jenny McCarthy sucks, but Jen McCreight from blaghag.com rocks”.  That one wasn’t as pithy as the original, though. 

I have a shiny new widget for a website called Jenny McCarthy Body Count (look – it’s in the column to the right side of the screen).  The website is very interesting in a frustrating, anger-making kind of way.  The author has a full-page FAQ that explains how he gets the numbers, and the site is up to date through January 16th of this year. 

The widgets are actually available from a different site, And this different site is called The Lay Scientist, which appears to be a durned decent critical thinking and science-centered resource filled with professional photos and an eye-pleasing layout. 

And by resource I mean excuse to delay going to the gym

Oh, and check out Sunday’s post from blaghag.com about the Scientologists muking it up in Haiti.  She’s got a couple of interesting articles from today also, so head to her home page to read about Merriam Webster being banned from a school, and poisonous holy water.


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4 Responses to “I find a new widget.”

  1. Erin B. Says:

    Sweet, bittersweet. Jenny McCarthy is such an asswipe. I cringe every time I hear about/see pregnant women reading her book. I mean talk about lacking critical thinking skills…. Jenny McCarthy doesn’t know how to read, let own write.

  2. Mom Says:

    Another site to check out. You never disappoint sweetie.

  3. Hubby Says:

    Jenny McCarthy should have stuck to picking her nose.

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