Please God, help me find a parking spot!

I heard a joke on the Freethought Radio podcast that makes me chuckle and throw up my hands in exasperation at the same time.  I’ll try to re-tell it here, but it is paraphrased:

A guy is running late for a job interview, and as he approaches the busy parking lot of the company he starts to pray.

“Please God, help me find a parking spot.  I can’t be late for this job interview – I really need this job…my family needs me to get this job.  Please, help me find a parking spot right next to the front door, God, and I’ll do anything: I’ll give up women.  I’ll  give up smoking and gambling and drinking.  Please God, one little parking spot.”

Just as the man is approaching the front of the building complex, he sees a car backing out from a spot right in front of the main entrance!  The man is elated!  He parks, grabs his briefcase, and as he is getting out the car he casts his eyes toward the sky and he says,

“Never mind, God.  I found one myself.”

Le sigh.  People are interesting creatures, aren’t we?


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