I join Facebook

Facebook makes me feel old.

I don’t really understand it yet, but the facebook app from iTunes is pretty sweet.  I was using it to chat real-time with Mom earlier today, and I was just amazed that I was IMing on my iPod…?  Wow.

Anyway, if you find me on facebook, have patience with me!

Jeez, next thing you know I’ll be tweeting…

And here’s a pretty picture, because it snowed again today, and I need a nice toasty-looking picture:


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2 Responses to “I join Facebook”

  1. cafewitteveen Says:

    Welcome to facebook, ol’ timer.

    There’s some irony in your worry that facebook makes you feel old, yet it appears your mom might have already been established as a user.

    Thanks for the lovely picture and for including Le Café on your blog roll.

  2. biodork Says:

    Ha! My Mom was either my first or second friend, lol. My 58 year-old mother was on facebook waaay before me, and has already tried to get me to join something scary called…Farmville?

    I’m enjoying your posts, pics and videos. Thanks for sharing Le Cafe, and for the visit.

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