Religion is fantastic…

I’m a fan of Cougar Town – the writing really cracks me up.  Sure, it’s brain fluff, but moderation and all that.

And on episode 12 “Scare Easy”, religion got a total shout out:

The characters
Jules – 40-year old divorcee trying to re-enter the dating world.
Ellie – best friend of Jules

The scene
Restaurant.  Jules and current boy-crush (Jeff) are on a double date with Ellie and her hubby.  Jeff has just announced his desire to “go steady” with Jules and then runs to gulp some wine at the bar.  Dopey subordinate hubby has just been ordered by Ellie to go on a restaurant walk to let the girls talk.

ELLIE: (completely excited about Jeff’s announcement) What do you think?

JULES:  I don’t know!  I really like Jeff, and I’m not dating anyone else.  I mean, not that I would date two guys at the same time anyway because in grade school this nun told me that if I kissed two boys in the same day, their spit would mix in my mouth and it would kill me.

ELLIE: (In a hushed, awed voice): Religion is fantastic.


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