Props to the St. Paul Pioneer Press

I’ve finally gotten around to reading the weekend papers (well, Saturday’s papers – I’ll catch the Sunday Mpls Tribune later today).  I’m usually a Stribe (that’s Star Tribune, for you non-locals) gal, but I had to pick up a copy of this Saturday’s St. Paul Pioneer Press because it had a front page article that caught my eye:

Vaccine surveys alarming officials

I’m a supporter of childhood vaccination, and a budding anti-anti-vaxer, so this article looked very promising.  Jeremy Olson authored this piece, and he walked a nice line between presenting easily-understood, useful science and presenting a human interest piece.  

He also mentioned Every Child By Two, the pro-vaccination advocacy organization run by Rosalynn Carter and Betty Bumpers, who were instrumental in the development of mandated school-age vaccinations.  Rock on!

A lot of the online comments are rather supportive of the pro-vaccination mindset, and the anti-vax questions are – for the most part – being answered calmly and rationally, which is nice to see. 

All in all, nice article.  Bravo to Jeremy Olson, and to the Pioneer Press for printing the story on the front-page – even above the fold!).


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