Religion Evolves into Science.

I was watching the Creationism episode from Penn&Teller’s Bullshit: Season 1 and having loads of fun playing point/counterpoint – aka Devil’s Advocate – with the hubby (which somehow led us to a nice review of Mendelian genetics, dominant and recessive traits, and Punnett squares).  Hubby works with a few wacky creationists, and so is constantly being exposed to “new” creationist arguments that we like to pick apart.

Anyway, after a while I found myself arguing for a neat idea:  Science as the natural progression of religion…Science evolving from religion.

Think about it:

Religion starts up in many places throughout the globe as people attempt to understand the world around them.  Lot of wondering “why did that healthy young man just drop dead of nothing” and “what is that big light in the sky” type of questions.  People didn’t have an answer, but needed an explanation (because we’re inquisitive little monkeys, aren’t we?), and we came up with the ineffable, unknowable, god.  We couldn’t explain things, but that was okay, because Someone could.

Then we started thinking of ways to answer some of those questions ourselves, and we found we didn’t need to use a god as the explanation anymore.   Well, mostly.  Right now we still have the God of the Gaps strangling some aspects of science (most creationist “evidence” tends to consist of anti-evolution arguments, ala “Well then, what causes these so-called “random” mutations?  Don’t know?  Why that’s just God mixin’ things up a bit down at the nu-cu-lar level”), but one day perhaps science really will explain everything and our descendants will giggle over our cute little Pope and Mecca and sacred cows and 700 Club and evolution vs. creation debates.  Perhaps this period in our history will be the “evolutionary link” between a world and people mired down by superstitious, divisive religions and a race of enlightened beings who have been unified by rational science.

But you know who else moved past religion and fully embraced science, don’t you?


“A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.”  Arthur Bloch


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2 Responses to “Religion Evolves into Science.”

  1. Erin B. Says:

    what a great way of thinking of the history of science… it is all about trying to explain things after all. I do love that you grouped the 700 Club with sacred cows:)

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