God Delusion Video

Seriously disturbing.  This may ruin your day.  Truly.

Warning – there is a brief and grainy but very horrific clip of a woman being stoned as part of an “honor” killing.  Grab your kleenex and something soft to pound on to release anger and frustration.

God Delusion- Markella Hatziano


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3 Responses to “God Delusion Video”

  1. Ralph Says:

    A woman with a blog?

    but but…

    you’re being heard and not seen!


    but seriously, that was a horrific film. I honestly think that continued belief in an old man sitting on a cloud wagging his finger at us each time we don’t do something according to ancient Judeic tradition, is going to lead to the end of us all.

    The religious zealots aren’t just innocuous troglodytes swimming in a sea of self-delusion. They are harming our world and our society. So what do we do about it?

  2. Ralph Says:

    you moderate your comments? You should let your dissenters speak – and make asses of themselves.

    The rest of us got your back

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